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Ceremony and Reception Venue: Out of the Blue

Getting Ready Venue: Jupiter Resort and Spa

Hair: Jupiter Resort and Spa

Makeup: Briana Silva 

Wedding Planner: Michelle B

Florist: Publix Greenwise 

Catering: Out of the Blue

Cake Designer: Green Market Cake

DJ: DJ Donny Lee

 Videographer: AZM Cinematography 

kind words from the bride

“When we finally met on my wedding day I knew everything was going to be just perfect. She is so kind, professional and easy going. Walking in to a room with 8 bridesmaids and a bride with hair and make-up happening and dresses going on, she politely stayed back and captured the most beautiful moments. That timeline we spent so much time on had a change due to weather and she is was totally on board to make anything happen that needed to happen with a smile on her face. She was open to any ideas that my husband and I had and tried anything we thought of. The photos came back so fast! She started with some teasers online which melted my heart…seeing those first few photos made me realize how lucky we are to have captured this day in such an amazing manner. Once we received the whole gallery, we were speechless. I truly feel blessed that these photos will remind us of our wedding day for the rest of our lives. Thank you Modern Bride Photography, we are so pleased!”













I’m so excited to announce that REBECCA FAULK will be joining me at the NC Daydream Workshop!

There were so many entries and I really hope I get to meet some of you at my future workshops. I loved reading all your stories and there are so many of you that deserve something like this.

If your hoping to attend the NC workshop and learn all about newborn, baby and maternity photography head over to this blog post to read more about what to expect at the workshop.

Today is Valentines day and the ENTIRE store is on sale (I even included the workshop seats!) If your wanting to get a seat to the workshop then today is the day to get it at a HUGE discount! 

Visit the store here:




I am passionate about what I do because I simply LOVE what I do. I am taking all my talents, technically, artistically, and business-wise and creating one amazing workshop that covers it all. I wanted to create a workshop that doesn’t just put the focus on one thing, but all the things that make my business what it is today. There is something special about each of my sessions and I can honestly say that I love going between maternity, newborn and baby sessions. All three sessions are so different from each other and I’m really excited to teach you about all three.

Expect to learn A TON! This will be an ALL-DAY comprehensive workshop that will teach you the in-depth principals of working with newborns, expecting moms and babies. We will cover using natural lighting, posing, soothing, transitioning, camera techniques, and so much more. I will also go over different natural lighting techniques; such as those very airy backlit images I love creating. You will be shooting through out the workshop and are welcome to use any of the images for your portfolio.

Newborn photography is an art and should be treated with respect, care, and safety. You will learn all the tools you will need to conduct a safe, beautiful, and artistic session. You will make mommies across the states thrilled! And, if that isn’t enough, I will also be going over post processing so you will know exactly how to achieve those creamy skin tones as well as creating clean, beautiful edits. I will go over how to hand edit but will also include all my newborn actions in a goodie bag for you to have.


There is something so beautiful about expecting mothers. I will be going over different poses as well as planning out and styling a maternity session. One of my favorite techniques with expecting mothers is to backlit the image to create a light and airy feel that puts the focus on the beautiful mother to be.


Baby sessions are probably one of my favorites. The trick is to connect to your little bitty client and get them comfortable. I’ll go over all the easy poses you can do at different baby stages and show you how to create beautiful portraits where the focus is on the baby that every parent loves.


There will be a focus on the business aspect, including a marketing portion and how to find your dream clients. Lets face it, running a business is not easy these days and it’s very important to be business savvy in todays world.

If this sounds like something you want to be apart of (I’m hoping it is!) book your spot online. Remember, they are limited spots available . It’s important for me to keep the workshop classes small and personal. I want to be able to give each of the attendees’ 1:1 attention.


$1500 USD


$300 USD retainer to reserve your spot.

Final payment ($1200) due 30 days prior to workshop date. Retainer fee is NON-REFUNABLE.



8:30 – Arrival

9:00 – Go over materials

9:30 – Open Q&A

10:00 – Newborn Models Posing

1:00 – Delicious Lunch Break

1:30 – Open Q&A

2:00 – Maternity Model

3:00 - Baby Model

3:30 – Baby Model

4:00 - Maternity Model

4:45 – Post Processing

5: 45 – Workshop Complete


Please bring your DSLR as well as a prime lens such as the 50mm lens or 35mm, memory cards. You should know how to shoot in manual mode and have a basic understanding of post processing. Your also welcome to bring your macro lens and laptop but it’s completely optional!

I will be doing A LOT of talking, so bring your note pad and pen and get ready to take notes! Each will also receive The Essential Newborn Photography Guide, Complete set of actions, and a special little surprise gift.

You do not need to bring lunch – we will have a ton of delicious catering!


May 14th 2014 – Durham, North Carolina

We will have this gorgeous 15,000 square foot studio in Durham, North Carolina for the entire workshop. The warehouse studio features beautiful original antique brick walls and historic architecture, along with 20 foot decorative tin ceilings, hardwood floors, 12 ft windows, not to mention all that amazing yummy natural light!


I usually don’t order books online and I’m usually not checking the mail every day to see if it’s finally delivered out of excitement.

That is until I came across My Social Book.

Their site popped up in my newsfeed one morning (thank you facebook) and I of course had to see what it was all about. I clicked on it, browsed through their fan page for a bit and then went to their site to get more information. I kind of fell in love with the entire thing and KNEW I had to get my very own ‘life book’.

I know to some it will sound silly, getting their entire social media facebook page printed out BUT I think it’s an absolute amazing product…..for a few reasons.


Reason #1

I’m a mom, a wife and a photographer, I do my best to schedule my own family photos and display them proudly in my home. I absolutely LOVE the pictures that are displayed in my home. It’s something for ‘me’ that I get to see every single day.

But what about all the little moments?

I know I post A LOT of little moments on my personal facebook page. My daughters first day of school, date night with my husband, all the fun summer camping trips, my son learning to crawl or getting a new tooth – or my daughter losing her very first tooth. It’s all on facebook and I love that. But I know that things online can easily get deleted or lost. Who knows – maybe in 10 years facebook will be in the past and there might be a new up way to connect and remember all those little moments of life.

In todays world it’s easy to forget to get things printed out and saved. We live in such an online digital world that often we think it’s enough that we have it on our computer, or on our cell phone….until thats lost. (which has happened before, and trust me – I shed quite a few tears over it)

Those little memories I post every day might not mean much now, but how fun will it be to look back on in 20-30 years?!

Reason #2

 You can go all the way to 2007!

Yep you heard right, some might not want to but you can get these books from 2007-now

What were you posting about in 2007?

I was a brand new college student, living life at the beach in a tiny little apartment with my golden retriever. A LOT has happened since then;)

Reason #3

I always wanted to write a book about my life….but i’m not a very good writer so that never officially kicked off. My husband doesn’t have the best memory and I always tell him that I really need to start writing our life book so when were old I can read it to him, haha.

Lucky me – now I don’t have to.

Reason #4

It’s REALLY REALLY REALLY easy. Just go to their site and ‘create a book’ they even let you see the first 20-some pages!

Reason #5

The quality is amazing. I love the glossy hardcover.

My book is 500 pages and is pretty heavy. I got the last two years printed and plan on getting more books printed (going all the way back to 2007)

Reason #6

‘the book of tears’

My mother made my father this giant book as an anniversary present. She included old pictures, their post cards, speeding tickets, their wedding, and so much more. It has little snippets of their life together and up to this day my entire family love sitting down and looking through it. Sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we cry. I think it’s important to not only save your every day memories for yourself (just think how fun it will be to look through when your 80!) but think about your kids getting to look through it with their own kids one day.

I hope some of you will order your own books, I promise you won’t regret it. It’s so worth it:)


And I know you all want to see some pictures, so here you go!



You know what I love love love? Watching families grow. Elias (the big brother) was actually one of my very first newborns and today I got to photograph his beautiful little sister!


Congratulations Daniela, you won the ‘Baby Plan’ which includes five sessions AND a beautiful canvas!! I am looking forward to meeting you and your little one:D

BIG thanks to all those lovely moms to be that were in the contest, I will be emailing you soon so be sure to keep an eye out.