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Boy have I been busy with a little home TLC lately!

After YEARS of begging my husband finally gave me the green-light on tearing out all the carpet (with two large dogs, and two kids I have grown to hate carpet). I was dreaming about the day I could finally just tear that carpet out and got to do it the other week. (yay!) I’ll have to put together a little blog post on HOW we put in this beautiful floor which I absolutely LOVE. We put it into all the bedrooms but since my daughters room is the only one thats officially complete I went ahead and took a few pictures. We also painted it a very pale light pink.

I adore how her room came out and picked a few items for the accent. I’ll add below where I got everything!




IKEA Minnen childrens bed

it’s THE perfect size. I actually sold her full size bed because it was so big in her room. She loves her new bed

Ikea Minnen Bed Website Link


We went Lumber Liquidator – “Donar Oak”

We bought it on sale and got to do ALL THREE bedrooms for only $260 – major score and it turned out beautiful!

Lumber Liquidator Donar Oak – Website Link



I’m a sucker when it comes to handmade items and great long lasting children toys.

This little gem came from Woolcreations!

Woolcreations Website Link


Just google “Maileg Bunny” 

and get ready for some serious cuteness!


The story of how my little prince was brought into this big world of ours.

It started out like any other day, I was very pregnant,  ALMOST 39 weeks just waiting for the time to pass. I wasn’t waiting on labor signs, I was REALLY waiting on my mom flying in who was planning to come when I hit 39 weeks (which was right around the corner).

I’ll start on Nov 2nd. My husband, daughter and I headed to Orlando to pick up a new bed at IKEA. I love IKEA so we had a fun time walking around and picking out the bed I wanted. Headed home and spend the next few hours setting it up. I remember that night we even joked about me going into labor and my husband said that there was no way I would go into labor *this week*. I told him that him making such a bet probably just set it up so I would go into labor the next day.

I woke up the next day with a weird gut feeling. Something was different and I decided I would push it aside and completely ignore it. Why? Because my mom wasn’t coming in for another few days and there was NO way I was having this baby boy without her being in town yet. I had cramps on and off ALL day… I had them the weeks prior too but these were not going away. Of course in my head…I just ‘had to walk it off’.

First thing I did was my hair. Because who goes into labor with nice hair?! no one;)

Next thing I did was put on my favorite dress. Because who goes into labor with nice hair AND wearing their favorite dress?! yep…Nooooo one;)

So after completing these two things and convincing myself that I would make it to 39 weeks I let me husband know that we should go do something. So we head to….drum roll….BEST BUY. Walked around best buy (still having contractions) for a while looking at all sorts of things we don’t need. My husband picked out some racing ps3 game and we head back home. Evening is approaching and I’m still having contractions but I was VERY sure that I was not in labor yet. People always say that you would know when your in active labor. (I was induced with my daughter and always wondered if I would notice if it was ‘real’ labor)

Turns out the game my husband picked out was the wrong one. SO of course I suggest that we head back into town to go return it and get a different one. (I REALLY did not want to sit still).

Now the second time were walking around best buy the contractions are bad enough to make me stop walking and wait them out before continuing. By the time we got home they were coming on even stronger. I let my husband know that I would go take a quick nap and “sleep them off” (ya  know…since getting my hair done, wearing my favorite dress, and walking them off all did not do the trick). I lay down in bed and start keeping a closer eye on how close the contractions are and really hoping that laying down would do the trick. After about an hour or so laying there keeping track I decided that….you guessed it….their REAL contractions and that I am no doubt in labor. I let Jon (my husband) know that I *think* we should probably head in. We grab our bags, and our 4 year old daughter and head in.

This is SO not what I had planned. MY mother was all the way in NC. My husband mom was 4 hours away because she had to go out of town that week. I had set up everything for the following week and now we were stuck having to head to the hospital with my plan being thrown out the window. Good thing we have some awesome friends that came to the hospital to watch out daughter. I remember having a hard time walking from the front door to get into the car and was really surprised how quickly labor was happening. (not really surprised looking back on it because it was literally staring me in the face the WHOLE day ahha). We get to the hospital and let them know that we think that I might be in labor so they send us up to labor and delivery. I am a very happy person, and even if I am in A LOT of main will probably still have a smile on my face and greet you with a nice hello. The nurses up in labor deliver joked and said that I was “way to happy to be in active labor and be prepared to be sent home”. Of course before admitting me they had to check how far along I was already. 5CM so I was def staying there and would have this baby boy the next day sometime! OH and the OB that was supposed to be there to deliver him happened to also be out of town. (go figure haha).

So even though my whole plan went out the window, I was so excited and ready to meet this little guy of ours. Part of me still couldn’t believe that it was already happening, and happening so quickly.

We got there around 11pm. And my little prince was born at 2:30am on November 4th.

I got to hold him for a few minutes, although in a way it felt much shorter. They quickly grabbed him and took him across the room to check him out and get him cleaned up. Something felt wrong and I didn’t know what. I looked at my husband to get some kind of answer from him and between the nurses whispering and speaking in code he had no idea either. My eyes were pinned on what was going on across the room trying to get some kind of answers. I don’t remember it taking this long when I had my daughter and got more and more worried by the second. They bundled him up and brought him over for me to hold again. As I was holding him the let me know that they needed to take him to do some more tests because his color and breathing. They said it can be common but wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything big to worry about. After a few min of holding him I handed him over and they left the room.

I have no idea how long we sat in that room but it felt like forever. Our friends came in the room and hung out for a little while. I just sat there hating the fact that I had absolutely no idea what was going on down the hall from where I was. After about an hour or two a nurse came in and asked for my husband and let me know that they would update HIM and send him back. (Great… I’m pretty sure there is nothing worse than being stuck in a bed waiting on a messenger to let me know what is going on with a million and one thoughts running through my head). 20 min or so pass and I hear the door opening. My husband walks in and I without even telling me whats wrong I can just tell by his face that something was not ok. He tries to explain to me what the nurses explained to him but were both too worried to even make any sense. This is all we knew: Landon had collapsed lungs, and they would need to transfer him over to a level III NICU to take care of him at a hospital about an hour and a half away from where we were.

I was absolutely terrified. I had NO idea what all this meant, how bad it was, what to expect, what to prepare for.

They moved us to our normal room where we spend another hour or two waiting for the people to come to transfer him. During that waiting time one of the nurses said if I felt up for it I could go see him down the hall. So  of course we follow her back. We get into the small room where he’s laying in his little bassinet hooked up to so many different things, on a breathing machine, all sorts of machines beeping and buzzing around him……..but……he looked sweet as could be and had great color to his skin (not like when he was born, he had a very grey completion) and just getting to see that he was doing ok erased some of the worry I had. I knew the nurses were doing everything they could to take care of my little boy.

They transferred him to the other hospital and I was ready to go. I HATED the thought of us being so far away and could have cared less about staying in a bed for the next three days. I had a nice talk with the doctor who delivered Landon who I think could see it in my eyes that I NEEDED to be there and not stuck in a hospital thats an hour away so he made a deal. If I ate some breakfast, he would release me. I waited for my hospital breakfast, ate it real quick and head out the door.

7 hours after delivering my baby boy I was out the door heading to the other hospital to see him. I felt great and excited to see him. Of course the first thing we did was head to the hospital to see him. He was still hooked up to all sorts of machines and on a breathing machine but it seemed like each time we visited him, another thing was removed which was great to see. After a few days we got to hold our little guy which was amazing. He hated the nurses messing with him and put up a good fight. The NICU was huge, and the nurses were amazing updating up on every little thing. We stayed at a hotel a few miles from the hospital so we could spend as much time as possible there.

The first night was rough. I NEVER though this would have happened to me, and hated the fact that he was so new to the world without me right there with him. Of course I knew they were taking good care of him but I hated not being the one there. My mother in law drove over with my daughter and I can honestly say my little girl gave me the boost I needed. We sat in the bed together and shared m&ms. I knew in the end it would be ok. And that he would be fine.

The day finally came where all the tubes and cords were removed. They continued doing xrays to see how his lungs were doing, and they were looking great. After passing some more tests they moved him to a level II NICU and shortly after released him. We FINALLY got to go home with a healthy baby boy.

He is almost three months and doing amazing. I have never been so worried in my life and feel so incredibly blessed to have TWO healthy, happy, beautiful children.

Hello to anyone reading this!

Many of you don’t know who I am. My name is Elena, married for almost five years and mommy to the sweetest little three year old girl who is my world. I want to take a very short moment to write about something that has been on my mind a few weeks. In the past two years I have spent a lot of time, heart and sweat into my photography business. It was always the dream that seemed impossible to reach and now that i’m actually ‘living’ my dream I enjoying every single second of it. My life revolves around my family and my business.

The photography field is a funny thing to be apart of, it really does have it’s own HUGE network. As a business owner I choose to run MY business a certain way. I want my work to speak for itself but also take great pride in the person I am. I love to smile, help others, educate, learn, be POSITIVE and HAPPY.

That is something my clients and other photographers LOVE about me and my business. I can promise you that you will not see any negativity on my fan page or my blog (even writing this blog is hard for me to do because I know some might read it and shake their head) And honestly that’s fine.

Too often I stumble across negative posts or comments and hate seeing it. I can promise you that when I see a mean, negative, insulting…etc. comment, status I will immediately turn the other way. I follow MANY other photographers because I have a huge appreciation for art, when I see a photographer who is ‘mean’ I honestly want nothing to do with them, their work might be amazing but it’s not someone I want to ‘follow’.

There are so many groups against bullying, and fan pages specifically to raise awareness to be kind and respectful to other photographers. Put all that aside and just do it already. The person you see here on my blog and on my fan page is the same person you will see in person.

You will get so much farther in LIFE and with your BUSINESS when you invest your time in a positive manner.